Healthy Teeth: Nine Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Healthy Teeth: Nine Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Healthy teeth play a vital role in all around development of a person. It boosts self-confidence, gives you a winning smile, saves you from the pain of a bad toothache and cavities, and prevents the expenditure of too much money, by making sure you don’t have to get new dental implants because you couldn’t take care of your original set of teeth.

The best dentist in Mulund though, reminds us that taking care of your dental health is a habit more than therapy, and for anyone, a way of living healthy and fine.

As the teeth come constantly in contact with the same elements which are held responsible for its erosion and eventual destruction, it is very important that we devote a significant amount of care and time towards them.

These methods are for caring your dental health which you should follow regularly:


What you chew on or eat anything; your teeth participate in the process, which may be severely harmful if the food which you’re consuming is acidic or has lots of sugars and starch. Your mouth always houses bacteria and germs, called plaque, which thrive on starch and sugar compounds in our food, and starts attacking the enamel of your teeth, giving rise to cavities.
Hence, avoiding foods high in sugar and starch is one of the rules you must follow.

Select a good dentifrice and stick with it.

In this market of competitiveness, there are literary a hundred choices once you go to buy any product. Toothpaste is no exception, with as many brands flooding the market as your teeth can ever handle. Everyone touts to be the best whitening agent around, everyone claims they protect your teeth from cavities and plaques like no one else does, and they all have citrus flavour and vitamins and minerals. So which one do you really buy?

As the dentist in Mulund suggests, it isn’t much about the brand as it is about how effective the toothpaste is for you. Almost all toothpastes have the same ingredients, and your preference depends on the flavouring mostly. In case you visit your dentist and he suggests you to increase the content of a certain mineral in your toothpaste, like fluoride, then you have to use specific toothpaste with that extra amount of fluoride.

Also, the best dentist in Mulund advices that the best option in case your toothpaste isn’t suiting you, is to make a homemade baking soda powder, and brush your teeth with it.
This is guaranteed to keep your teeth whiter for longer and provide protection to your dental health.

Brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper. 

Your job of caring for your teeth would be half-hearted and futile if after spending so much of time and effort in cleaning your teeth off the disease causing bacterial invasion, you let them be soiled again by coming in contact with your tongue, which is one of the most fertile breeding ground for the bacteria which eventually harms your teeth.

To prevent this, the dental clinic in Mulund suggests to make sure you clean your tongue along with your teeth as well, to ensure your mouth disease causing bacteria free, and as a bonus, that your breath is a lot fresher than before as well!

Floss at least once a day.

Flossing further cleans and removes plaque where your toothbrush cannot reach.

Learn how to irrigate the teeth and gums and do it daily.

Dental irrigation serves several purposes; it helps to remove food particles trapped below the gum line, using the right anti-microbial fluid in your irrigator can help remove bacteria which is dangerous to your dental health.
Irrigation also massages the gums resulting in increased circulation.

See your dental professionals regularly, but choose them wisely.

Finding a dentist isn’t as easy as just taking a page out of the telephone directory. Find the dentist who suits your needs best, and don’t be afraid to change clinics if you feel you’re not getting the best from the place you are visiting. Provide your dentist with your correct and detailed medical and dental health report, and make sure you can freely communicate to him about your problems.

The dentist in Mulund West devotes 45 minutes to an hour for every session a patient gets, and he is careful in noting down and keeping detailed records of your treatment, something he suggests every dentist should adhere to strictly. Check a day before your appointment to make sure there haven’t been any last minute changes in plans which might interfere with your appointment. Above all, reach a few minutes before your check-up so you have enough time to relax.

In case you change the dentist, be sure to take with you the detailed record of your treatment, as this will make the work of your new dentist much more accurate and easier too.

White teeth do not necessarily mean healthy teeth.

While your biggest concern right now may be your smile, make sure that smile will be there, in good shape, years from now.

Tooth whitening is tremendously popular today and many companies are catering to the market.  While tooth whiteners remove staining, to some degree, they do not necessarily do the cleaning job required by your other efforts.

Nutrition is highly important for your teeth too.

A demineralization and remineralisation process is taking place constantly as the teeth are being bathed in saliva and strong, stable acids.  The body is equipped to care for itself as long as conditions are right, and as everything else in the body requires good nutrition, the teeth and gums are no exception.  Staying away from sugar is fine, but don’t forget carbohydrates and junk food. Vitamin C has long been known as important for healthy gums and a good mineral supplement which will provide the calcium and phosphorus your teeth need.  Your strong autoimmune system is one of your best defences against poor oral health and suitable nutrition is your best source of essential vitamins & minerals, says the dentists in Mulund.

Finally, give your tooth your care, and even more, your time.

How you care for your teeth will determine how they will care for you. Your attention to your good oral health could even save your life. Practising good dental care can help a person get healthy teeth.


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