Dr. Pratik Chheda

DR.Pratik Chheda

PROCARE Dental Clinic was established by DR. Pratik Chheda in 2014 with just one aim and vision to help everyone SMILE CONFIDENTLY and spreading smiles everywhere.

PROCARE Dental is situated in Mulund West with a team of 8 Dentists and total team of 15 who aim at providing absolute professional care with tender love and comfort.

Dr. Pratik Chheda MDS Prosthodontics

Know Your DOCTOR

DR. Pratik Chheda himself is a graduate from Govt. Dental college, Mumbai; after which he persued his master’s in Prosthodontics from rajiv gandhi University, Bengaluru where he mastered his skills on teeth replacements and smile designing. “Being an emotional and sensitive person, for me what dragged me to choose my field in masters was the power to transform lives. Imagine a 18year old girl, who would always cover her face with her hand while smiling and being so low in confidence. I am blessed to have helped her Smile wide without any worry and give a boost to her confidence in just 3 appointments and her personality improved and she went ahead to make a career in modelling ” avers DR. Pratik

He further adds, ” Our team is absolutely dedicated and all are experts in their respective field. All of us work in synergy to give the best possible treatment and result to all our patients.”

“I realised quite early that the main pain point for everyone today is TIME. Everyone is so busy in day to day work and thus we aim to reduce the number of appointments and time spent in the clinic. For which firstly we follow strict appointment system at our clinic, so that your waiting time is minimised. But most importantly we harness technology and mixed with the expertise of our team is becomes a deadly combination. We have our own in-House 3D scanners and Digital dental lab where we work with 3D printers, CNC machines to give precise and high quality dental caps and bridges, fully computerized and within 24hours. We can even show your how you how your smile will look after treatment just by using your photograph. International standard work should be available for all our patients, everyone deserves the best possible treatment and thus i have continuously strived to get this technology to our doorsteps and make it available for all. We just received a video testimonial from one of our patients’ clearly mentioning that she had been to quite a few Dentists already and everyone told her a minimum of 4-6 months of treatment time which we completed in just 4 days. This is all attributed to our technology and expertise.

Our Doctor

DR.Pratik Chheda


DR. Pratik Chheda has also been consulting dentist all over Mumbai in various other clinics and has been a mentor to many other dentists too. He is also on the team of post cancer rehabilitation in Fortis hospital and helped quite a few cancer survivors by rehabilitation of their teeth and smile.

Procare dental clinic has already reached out to more than 5000 families and aims at reaching out to more and help them SMILE CONFIDENTLY, BITE COMFORTABLY AND ENJOY THEIR FOOD FOR REST OF THEIR LIFE.

Also, consulting Implantologist and Prosthodontist for few clinics in Thane, Mumbai


DR. Pratik Chheda
MDS Prosthodontics from MR Ambedkar DENTAL College, Bangalore


Procare Dental Clinic, Mulund West since 2014

Co founder

Digital Dentofacial concepts, service providers for surgical guides for 5+years

Special Interest

Digital Dentistry Developing Digital workflows for various treatment protocols like Implant, FMR for more predictable results

Our Doctor

DR.Pratik Chheda


All Implant surgeries done in last 5+ years have been Guided with various systems (osstem, dentium, megagen, DIO, neodent, Straumann) with over 2000+ implants placed
Part of faculty with Osstem Implant for digital implantology

Objective : lifelong learning and sharing knowledge