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Procare – Dental Clinic in Mumbai, Mulund, believe in providing quality dental implants and all dental treatment using state-of-the-art machinery and products. Our dentists are highly qualified, skilled individuals with good work ethics who will treat you gently and patiently. Our team of dentists will work in tandem to help you out with any and every possible dental problem and give you a smile that will speak volumes about our perseverance to provide you with painless and quality dental services at Mulund, Mumbai. Your concerns will be our priority and will be catered to personally.

Dental Services and Treatment


Are missing teeth making you miss out on your favorite dishes or making you embarrassed to smile wide at your friends and family?


We also have experts, in the field of maxillofacial prostheses, a lesser known field of dentistry,where we help restore lost parts of the face such as the eye, ear, nose, palate, finger, toe etc.


 They say, you aren’t dressed completely until you wear a smile at PROCARE DENTAL CLINIC. You have a chance to enhance your smile with our team of dedicated and skilled cosmetic dentists so that you always have your best smile on.


A Root canal treatment is basically a treatment option needed when the decay has penetrated deep into the tooth and has reached the nerve within or the nerve has been exposed … Read More


A Crown/Cap is a covering on the tooth which may be metallic or tooth coloured. It may be required when the tooth is terribly broken due to a decay, a fracture or other reasons. After a root canal therapy, your tooth structure needs to be strengthened by capping it


A denture is a replacement for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues.  They are a removable prosthesis which gives back the missing few or all the teeth along with some pink gingival tissue as well.

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