Bad Breath: Different Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath- Home Remedies

Bad Breath: Different Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath- Home Remedies

Bad breath is a common phenomenon statistically; however, it may lead to embarrassment and a huge loss of confidence and self-esteem. Bad breath is caused by the action of bacteria present in the mouth on sticky food and beverages. The bacteria break the compounds present in these food items into foul-smelling compounds which contribute to long-term problems if left unattended for long. Bad breath mainly originates from the tongue and gums rather than teeth, thus making caring only for your teeth a futile exercise. However curing bad breath, or as dentists call it, chronic halitosis is an easy process that involves proper care for oral hygiene and regular visits to the best dental clinic in  Mumbai.

Food causing bad breath
                                                                                                                          Food causing bad breath

The dental clinic in Mulund reveals the best ways to prevent bad breath

One of the most important and primary ways of curing bad breath is to take care of oral hygiene, the easiest way to do so, being the regular and careful brushing of teeth. Brushing teeth twice every day prevents the formation of plaques and removes food particles stuck between teeth. This reduces the action of bacteria and provides for better oral hygiene, making sure you don’t have to make emergency runs to dental clinics in Mulund. Another neglected, yet useful method of attaining better oral hygiene is to brush and scrape your tongue. The tongue houses the majority of decay-causing bacteria in your mouth. Thus brushing your teeth only would be a futile exercise as the bacteria in tongue would still affect the food you consume turning it into harmful plaques and other compounds. Dental clinics in Mulund suggest the use of tongue scrapers which are easily available in the market, as a means to clean the tongue and achieve better oral hygiene. Also, the best way to make sure your oral hygiene is at its best is to pay regular visits to the dental clinic at least once every couple of months.

Chewing gum
Chewing gum for bad breath

Dental clinics in Mumbai reveal some more rules of good oral hygiene

Use of mouth rinse is also prescribed largely by dental clinics in Mumbai. Although an ordinary mouth rinse usually only masks the odour and doesn’t offer a permanent cure to bad breath, using a mouth rinse along with a few drops of peppermint oil or green tea leaves suppresses the growth of bacteria in your mouth thus reducing bad breath. Drink plenty of water and chew sugarless gum in order to keep your mouth well lubricated. According to dental clinics in Mumbai, saliva flow also flushes oral bacteria out and helps reduce bad breath. Snacks of crisp and fresh vegetables also help reduce bad odour by stimulating saliva flow in your mouth which reduces bacterial activity and prevents bad breath. The last and probably most important rule suggested by best dentists in Mumbai is to cut down on sugar filled food and beverages, and stop the consumption of tobacco products as these worsen oral hygiene and aid in bad breath.


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