6 Tips from Best Dentists to keep your teeth Healthy and Strong

6 Tips from Best Dentists to keep your teeth Healthy and Strong

Tips to keep your teeth healthy:

Healthy teeth are the recipe for a beautiful smile and give you a much-needed confidence boost that does wonders to your personality. On the other hand, dental cavities, and other related problems cause pain and make your self-esteem low.
Following few simple tips, we can make sure to have healthy teeth throughout, and never having to hide our smile from the world.

1. Nutrition

Dentists in Mulund stress upon the fact that good nutrition is the primary key to keeping your smile intact for life. Choosing the right foods and drinks are the essential determinants of a healthy dental life, as eating sweet or sticky food causes the germs in your mouth to react and form a sticky substance called plaque. This plaque produces acids, if not removed, which leads to decay of your teeth enamel. Foods that are low in sugar and starch reduce the acid formation and keep teeth healthy, according to the best dentists.

2. Regular dental visits

Even the best dentists complain about the reluctance of their patients to come regularly for checkups. This is mainly because of two reasons, the nervousness of visiting a dentist, and the reluctance to spend money regularly.
However, a regular visit to dentists in Mulund will not only relieve you from making even bigger expenditures in the future when your teeth develop cavities or such problems, but also make sure your teeth stay healthy for a lot longer, and keep shining the way they are supposed to.


3.Grinding and clenching

Due to the stress of everyday life and inability to concentrate, people often take to grinding or clenching their teeth all the time, which leads to sore facial muscles, painful gums, and cracked or chipped teeth.
However, the best dentists can easily help you with this problem, all you have to do is visit them and ask.


Not only is smoking injurious to your lungs and general health, but it seriously affects your dental health as well.  Smoking reduces blood flow to the mouth and leaves it open to risks of infection, diseases, and even cancer. It also causes yellowing of teeth and in the case of any kind of teeth surgery, it makes healing of the enamel harder.
Dentists in Mulund thus strongly advise against smoking in order to have better teeth.

5.Use good toothbrush and toothpaste

Having a good toothbrush is the first rule of oral health, according to dentists. Hard toothbrushes may cause abrasion to your teeth, so it is necessary to use a toothbrush that is soft and change it after every three months in order to preserve its effectiveness. Also, best dentists in Mumbai suggest using fluoridated toothpaste in case your teeth need some extra amount of minerals and cleaning your gums and tongue in the process as well.

6. Use a straw

Using a straw to drink soft drinks will make the acid-bypass your teeth while consuming it. This will give you better teeth, and minimise the chances of cavity formation. A regular visit to the Dental Clinic in Mumbai is still recommended.


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