How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Beautiful Smile?

How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Beautiful Smile?

Babies with no teeth look cute with a beautiful smile, but imagine the same smile with no teeth on an adult? Well, it doesn’t look great right? So does the smile with any missing front teeth. Imagine the beautiful Indian actress Madhuri Dixit with no teeth or missing front teeth, smiling at you. Well, it doesn’t appeal to us. 

So, what are the options to regain a beautiful smile with strong teeth?

Missing teeth can be replaced with a bridge or can be even implanted. Implants are the best option for tooth replacement treatment as it prevents any damage to the natural adjacent teeth. Also, when the patient has all the teeth missing, these implants act as the supporting factor to get fixed teeth almost like natural teeth. You won’t even feel a difference after the implant.

Dental implant therapy will help you get the natural look back like you never lost them. With the advancement in dental implant treatment procedures, implants can be now placed immediately in the same appointment as tooth removal. Even if one has a bad front tooth, he can get done with the replacement without staying even a day with the missing tooth. Hence, your smile can be maintained or rather improved in one sitting.

How do we plan the tooth implants? Or Why is an implant needed if you want a beautiful smile?

Dental implants, to put in simple words, replace the root of the tooth. It means when someone comes to get their teeth replaced, they come to actually implant them. So, positioning the teeth in the correct alignment is important. Therefore, at the Procare Dental Clinic, we plan your teeth digitally first in the correct position according to the remaining teeth and bite. Then the implants are planned in such a manner that they can reproduce the teeth designed in the correct manner. This is with the help of 3d scans, digital intraoral scan, and software for stimulating implants. After the planning, a surgical guide is fabricated with the help of 3d printing and the implants are placed with the help of these. The added benefit is that there is no need to cut open the gums to place implants or give any sutures. Hence, the temporary teeth designed and printed can be fixed in the same appointment restoring the smile in a single appointment. Sometimes people don’t have suitable bones to get a dental implant in them. But you don’t have to worry about this as we have every solution to this. Our team is well versed in the alternatives, i.e sinus lift, ridge expansion, ridge split, and ridge augmentation. This gives you the best treatment option to place the implant.

Why choose a Procare Dental Clinic?

Amongst the various dental clinic in Mulund, this is the only clinic with an in-house facility for the entire guided surgery and smile restoration. They have advanced technology, a digital laboratory, and the best dental implant surgeon in Mumbai to provide the best work in the shortest time span. Dr. Pratik Chheda and Dr. Radhika Chheda are among the few people who are pioneers in this advanced technology where pain and discomfort can be brought to the minimum. Our motto is to help you smile confidently and bite comfortably. For more inquiries, call us at 8756577730.


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