Dental Implant Treatment: Three Different Treatment Options

Dental Implant Treatment: Three Different Treatment Options

Have you wondered why is dental implants needed? Dental implants have emerged as one of the aptest modalities for tooth replacement treatment. They are used as an alternative to traditional bridges. Following are some dental implant treatment options that you need to know:

But what are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants avoid the reduction of the teeth, which is required on the bridge. This prevents sensitivity and caries on the reduced teeth as the hardest layer i.e. Enamel is destroyed. Implants do not need any tooth destruction, is biocompatible, and have longevity.

There are different options when you look at implant treatment, which depends on the number of teeth to be replaced, the available bone height and width, and the patient desires. The dental implant price varies from clinic to clinic depending on the type of treatment option.

The dental implant treatment procedure usually involves a 3D scan of the bone, local anesthesia to numb the area involved followed by cutting the gum, drilling the bone, and placement of the implant followed by a stitch. After 3 months, approximately the measurements of the area are taken and the cap is fabricated. Procare dental clinic in Mulund provides a painless and fast process by using the latest technology and using surgical guides for placement which equips them to execute exactly what is planned in the scan. Hence, there are no cutting gums and no stitches, leading to no pain and faster healing. Along with it, the patient can see the outcome before actually going for the procedure.

The various dental implant treatment options for being:

  1. Replacement of single /two teeth

This would involve one or 2 implants in the missing area.

  1. Replacement of 3 or 4 continuous missing teeth

This would involve the placement of 2 implants followed by a bridge supported by the implants replacing the missing teeth

  1. Replacement of all teeth (upper or lower/ both)

This has 2 options: either a fixed or removable

Fixed: involves placement of 4-6 implants in one arch and followed by a fixed bridge either ceramic or acrylic

Removable: involves placement of 2 in the lower and 4 in the upper followed by a denture supported by these implants

  1. Fractured tooth and needs removal (immediate implant)

Involves immediate implants following removal of the tooth in the same appointment so that excludes waiting for 6 months for the bone to form.

Why choose Procare Dental Clinic?

Procare Dental Clinic ranks among the top dental clinics in Mumbai, offering this treatment. Procare Dental clinic provides value for money by using the latest technology and utmost expertise. We have an in-house 3-D scan and intraoral scanner to digitally acquire the data, followed by in-house software to plan the implant, and educate the patient on where the implants would be placed and how the caps would look. We also have our own laboratory to fabricate the surgical guide to execute the plan as accurately as .75 microns.  Dr. Pratik and Dr. Radhika are qualified to provide you with the best dental implants and other treatment modalities. We rank amongst the few who provide the service of guided surgeries in the world.


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