What to do if your child is missing a permanent teeth

Child care is every parents priority. We all love to see even that toothless smile on our child’s face. Then again to keep there smile intact we all work day and night. So if my child is missing a permanent tooth, doesn’t it gives us a cause to worry. What to do in such situation? How long should I wait for it to erupt? All these questions run through our minds. 

Well, here’s an insight of the reasons if missing permanent tooth

  1. Developmental defect- sometimes the bud for certain tooth is not formed which leads to missing tooth in the mouth. 
  2. Impacted – this means that the bud is there, or the tooth is there but has not erupted or come out because he milk tooth has not fallen or there is no space for it to come out or it has been blocked because it is not in the right angulation.
  3. Trauma- due to some accident the tooth had fallen. 

What to do in such a scenario

If any permanent tooth is missing or if the child does not get his incisors by the age of 9 years , and the other teeth by 13 years of age, one should really seek an advise of a dentist. The dentist would evaluate a full mouth x-ray that is an OPG to see if the tooth is impacted or it’s not there at all. If the child has met an accident and loses a tooth due to the fall. Please ensure that the tooth which has come out should be picked up and kept in milk till you reach the dentist. This tough can sometimes be replanted into the socket and saved.

If the tooth is impacted that is stuck inside, it can still be attempted to get it out by the use of braces. If the tooth is not present developmentally,  then one needs to get it replaced.  

What are the options of replacement 

You can get a dental implant or a bridge. But the best recommendation would be a dental implant therapy but only after the age of 16 yrs. This is because implant does not require any modifications in the neighbouring teeth and lasts a long time with proper dental implant maintainence. It almost simulates a natural tooth. 

Why choose Procare dental?

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