Maintaining Dental Health And Dental Education During An Outbreak Of New Covid 19

I have severe pain, and government has called in a lockdown. What should I do? This is a common problem common man faces when an outbreak like the new covid 19. This pain can be anywhere but the most dreadful is the dental pain, which doesn’t let one sleep at night no matter how sleepy you are.

Here, in this blog, simple ways of preventing such emergencies anytime will be discussed. 

What to do if I suddenly get severe pain and I cant step out of the house or all the dental clinics are shut. Well, Procare Dental Clinic has taken a one of a kind initiative where they have created a WhatsApp group and a Facebook community as well which anyone can join and gain access to easy and instant remedies or answers to all the dental issues by specialists of each of the dental fraternity. 

What about dental education?

Webinars, which is so commonly been taken on various aspects. If there is a forum where dentist teaches you the normal home dental care and also updates on various dental issues. The access to these is through our favourite pastime that is Facebook. Just a click away and you can get answers to all our dental problems.

Let me update you with simple tips

Tooth brush: always use a soft bristle brush which should be changed every3 months.

Brushing: use a technique where you angle your brush at 45 degrees at the gum line,  make small circles and then a strike away from the gum line

. Remember not to apply too much pressure.  Also, as commonly said brush twice  a day. 

Toothpaste: any toothpaste with fluoride for children Upton 3 years and then non fluoridated toothpaste.

Floss: every day is ideal with a small floss in between all your teeth. 

Mouth wash: simple rinsing daily after every meal is the key to good dental health. You can use normal salt water or with a pinch of turmeric also to enhance gum health.

These simple ways you can prevent decay of tooth. 

Why you should choose Procare Dental 

Even during the times of epidemic, the entire faculty of Procare Dental is not thinking of their own self only . Instead, every week they do educational webinars free of cost for the common people of the entire country, where they give tips to general dental problems and their solutions. All this is free of cost. Not only this, they offer very registrant access to all their team through a privileged WhatsApp and Facebook group where just a call or a message away is your instant response to your dental issues  


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