Hypertension and dental implants

If I have high blood pressure can I get dental implants?

70% of the population suffers from high blood pressure. With the increasing stress levels, the problem of high or low blood pressure is increasing day by day. It was earlier related to elderly or middle-aged people. But now, even young individuals have hypertension. Such conditions always raise the question of the possibility of dental treatments. Let alone, tooth replacement treatment using a dental implant.

Is dental implant a good option for high blood pressure. ? Will my implants fail if I have high or low blood pressure.?

Let me tell you, blood pressure in itself does not have any effect on the dental implants. Of course, since implants is a surgical procedure, certain modifications in the procedure is needed. People suffering from high blood pressure, often have increased bleeding. Therefore, during the surgery, even the dental implant surgeon in Mumbai, needs to be prepared to control bleeding if it so happens. Planning of the surgery should be in the morning preferably as the patient is relaxed and fresh.

Low blood pressure and dental implants?

If you are suffering from low blood pressure, there are chances of fainting during the surgery. But simple precautions like having your food properly, keeping oneself hydrated, and proper medications can prevent any problems. Dental implants once placed has no effect by the blood pressure.

Medications and dental implants? I am on a certain medication for my BP problem, will implant surgery be possible? Most of the medicines do not alter the implant surgical procedure unless there are certain blood thinners. If one is taking any blood thinner then we need to check the INR ratio, which tells us if we need to stop the blood thinners for a few days. After your physician’s consent we can go ahead with the surgery.


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