The old saying goes “only after you’ve lost a tooth, do you realise its importance”. The truth of this statement is something people have, and will continue to abide by for times immemorial. However since prevention is always better than cure, it might not be the best of ideas to wait patiently for the moment of losing your precious teeth in order to test the accuracy of old sayings. Instead, what is of prime importance in today’s times is to take the best care of one’s teeth to one’s best abilities, since our teeth have always been more than just a part of our bodies. Like all other organs and appendages, our teeth are obviously incredibly important in their functioning, but in addition to just their use, they are also important for our self esteem and confidence. Keeping all of this in mind, the first step to take in case of a missing tooth, is always rushing to a dentist in Mumbai.

What to do next after visiting the best dentist in Mumbai after losing a tooth?

Cast partial dentures are a relatively new, but hugely popular and effective cure to lost teeth that dentist in Mumbai have been prescribing for some time now. It consists of a metal framework, which is basically used for retention of the implanted denture for a tight fix, combined with replacement teeth and some tissue coloured acrylic. The best dentists in Mumbai acknowledge that the growing popularity of cast partial dentures is primarily due to the umpteen advantages it offers over other conventional mode of denture fixtures. Firstly, a cast partial denture provides ease of adjustability that is absent from conventional dental fixtures. Secondly, it has an unchallenged functional success which is the reason behind the best dentists in Mumbai opting for it. Also important, is the fact that a cast partial denture prevents natural tooth shifts which is a necessary quality every denture must possess.

Partial Cast Dentures
                                                                                                                     Partial Cast Dentures

There are basically three types of cast partial dentures that are prescribed by dentists in Mumbai:

  1. Precision attachment partials, which is a removable partial denture and is usually held in place by intra-coronal, extra coronal or stud type attachments. This type of cast partial dentures is mostly designed in conjunction with new crowns and provides improved retention and increased stability of the dentures. Precision attachment partials are held together by metal to metal interlocking parts, which are built to possess extremely high tolerance making it an easy favourite with the best dentists in Mumbai.
  2. Semi precision attachment partial, which is also retained in the place of the missing tooth with mechanical interlocking parts. The components of these dentures consist of a semi resilient and semi rigid metal to metal or other material. Plastic patterns in case of this denture can be cast into any alloy which your dentist in Mumbai sees fit.
  3. Wironium framework partial delivers more resilience and flexibility to the cast partial dentures. Wironium also holds the distinction of being the most detailed and light in weight. The clasps of such dentures are unbreakable and have been proved to be the most durable and comfortable. No wonder best dentists in Mumbai are happiest with the results associated with this denture type, as are the patients.

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