Bringing Teeth Into Alignment With Orthodontic Treatment

Are you worried that your crooked teeth or malaligned teeth are going to embarrass you? Are you cautious to smile completely because of teeth not being in the right position? Well, we all somehow do become aware of our teeth when we smile. So much more that a young girl of around 13 years old also can be so cautious of her smile that she does not show her teeth while doing so and hence a strained smile.

The end to all this can come from a very natural way of treatment. A very common modality that is ORTHODONTIC treatment or in simple terms braces. This treatment method  doesn’t put any artificial substitute to your teeth permanently but instead it just slowly guides your natural tooth into the right position. Braces treatment is the first protocol that is to be taken sometimes even for tooth replacement treatment so that adequate space can be gained for the new tooth.

What are braces? These are metallic wires with some holders which are put to the teeth by a specialist. He then decides on what pressure is to be applied in what direction, and according to it decides the position. All this happens with a lot of analysis so that your teeth move in the right direction and with the correct force.

Benefits of braces?

  1. Cleaning or maintenance of teeth: brush bristles can easily reach all the surfaces of teeth easily. Hence, better cleaning of the tartar and lesser chances of caries.
  2. Smile: well aligned teeth gives one a beautiful and confident smile.
  3. Proper biting: better chewing and biting as the teeth are in the correct position.
  4. Avoid jaw joint problems: as the biting surfaces of teeth meet at the right direction, less strain to the jaw joint and hence lesser chances of pain in later life.
  5. Improved confidence: A beautiful and confident smile can bring a lot of self confidence which reflects in the work as well.

Types of braces:

Are you worried of the metallic look of the braces? Well, no worries now as there are a variety of options where the metallic look can be avoided. There are ceramic braces which reduces the metallic look. There is the concept of lingual orthodontics where the wires are out on the inner side of the teeth and therefore they are not seen.

The most amazing kind which is now available is the invisible braces which is basically a clear plastic kind if an appliance which one wears and nothing is seen.

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