Affordable Dentures treatment in Mumbai

A denture is a replacement for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues.  They are a removable prosthesis which gives back the missing few or all the teeth along with some pink gingival tissue as well. After the extraction or the removal of the teeth, if they are not replaced in time the remaining teeth start drifting which leads to malalignment resulting in slow deterioration of the remaining teeth as well. Even if all the teeth have been removed, the inability to chew affects the whole body due to lack of nutrition. It also leads to face wrinkles, drooping of the lips and hence affects the appearance.

Types of Dentures treatment available in Mumbai

Complete Dentures/ Full Dentures:

When all the teeth have to be replaced with new teeth the complete dentures are used. One among the Best Dentists in Mumbai, The Procare Dental Clinic provides a number of options, so as to individualize each denture. The options available are

Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) Dentures:


These dentures, that are compatible with the mucosa and esthetics, are made with utmost care and are like a brand with its logo imprinted on the dentures.

Metallic denture:

They come with the metal plate instead of the acrylic. They are extremely thin and hence prevent gag reflex. The only drawback is the metallic or silver appearance in the palate region which is miniscule as they are hardly visible unless removed. So rest assured the patients won’t be subjected to any trouble with a well fitted denture.


Fiber Reinforced Denture:

These dentures are available with a lifelike material which appears like natural gums and hence provide more esthetic appearance than the normal acrylic dentures.

Characterized/ Pigmented Dentures:           

Many patients have a high smile line, i.e. the gums are visible when they laugh or talk. In such cases when the pink acrylic is visible it makes it socially unattractive. Hence, in such cases, the Prosthodontist at Procare Dental Clinic provides the solution by staining the acrylic in such a manner that it looks like the natural gums making it esthetically natural and eye pleasing.


Removable Partial Dentures treatment available in Mumbai

These dentures are used when only a few teeth are missing; they are either acrylic or cast partial dentures.

Acrylic Partial Dentures:              

These are simple acrylic material plates with the teeth and a few metallic wires adapted to the teeth which anchor the remaining natural teeth and help the dentures stay in place.


partial denture

Cast Partial Dentures:

These come with a casted metallic plate placed on the tissues and the remaining natural teeth so that they are compatible and comfortable as the deteriorating effects of the clasps are eliminated. In some cases even the clasps can be replaced by the esthetic vinyl versions so that they are not seen.

Flexible Dentures:

These dentures are soft and rubber like vinyl material, which even if bent does not break. They get adapted to the mouth well and are more comfortable for the patients. But they have their limitation as well. They can’t be used in all the cases.

Therefore, a sound selection should be made in choosing the dentures. We not only provide all the treatment options but also help you decide the best option for you with the guidance by the specialists. So if consultation in Denture treatment is what you are looking for and preferably the Best Dental clinic in Mulund west or anywhere in Mumbai, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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